The Cure (Cd+Dvd)

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2004-06-24 CD / 2 szt. 0602498629055 Inne brak danych Universal Music rock
1. Lost      
2. Labyrinth      
3. Before Three      
4. The End Of The World      
5. Anniversary      
6. Us Or Them      
7. Alt.End      
8. I Don't Know What's Going On      
9. Taking Off      
10. Never      
11. The Promise      
12. Going Nowhere      
13. Lost (Instrumental)      
14. The Promise (Instrumental)      
15. Truth Goodness And Beauty (Scratch)      
16. Credits      
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avxhrcMnBn [2013-10-05] I'll just write it here: El Mercurio 8 10 2009 SECURITY, PORNOGRAPHY AND A BUTCHER'S KNIFE, REQUESTS FAITH NO MORE It's Part of the ritual of any large cocnert, above all, of international artists, receiving the list of requests of security, foods and comfort. and three weeks before the first show in 15 years of Faith No More in Chile, Mike Patton and his bandmates, have already accomplished with the tradition, but, their requests are further of all conventionalities Because is true, Faith No More was out of the stages 11 years, and maybe, the guys are getting white hair and a bit of extra weight, but their party spirit and exentricities are still intact. the first clue of their party mood, reflects in the number of people coming with them, according to the producers, they have asked for rooms for 20 crew members and beside that, for 30 relatives and friends.For all of them, their backstage must have several kinds of wine, scotch, and champagne, plus sushi, pizzas, and some local dish. in this matter, Patton has some experience, he was here in march with the italian trio Zu, outside of the backstage catering, they went out to a couple of typical restaurants, where he prefered sea food and local dishes. his favorite drink that time, was pisco sour.Anyway, the guys want to keep informed of what happens in the US, everyday of their staying in chile, they must have available, The New York Times, USA Today, The Guardian, The Sun and Time and Newsweek Magazines. those are not the only request of Literature their request list, the same for all the countries of Second Coming Tour, includes several Porn Magazines, and they specifically ask for ones as extreme as possible and hopefully, local the producers are intrigued with one of the requests of the epic guys, they want a butcher's knife, their use is not specified. Anyway, the producers admit that from the redaction of the request note, the list escape to conventonalisms. by example, they ask for Towels, and they specify that they must be spongy and for make a reference of hoe spongy they should be, they send a full-size image of a lovely white bunny the shows are taking place the 29 and 30 of October, in the Caupolican Theatre and the Estadio Bicentenario of La Florida, for both shows, the tickets are almost sold out. but the point that the guys took very seriously, was security. they know that their chilean fans are very faithful and passionate, so they asked for bodyguards for each of them in the hotel and for they stage appearences, but always respecting their privacy.Since August they are having a break of their dates, in south america starts another tight period for them, because of that, their staying in chile won't be long, two days before Caupolican Theatre, they play in Lima, Peru, and a Day after their last cocnert, they play in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Second Coming Tour is the name of of their tour, that started in June 10 in London. none of the tour cocnerts have kept a unique list of songs, but they have made a full coverage of their discography, and of their most popular songs, Epic We Care a Lot and their great covers of Easy and I Started a Joke . That's all! Greetings from Concepcion, Chile!! http: //qdcpwp. com [url=http: //opqmrtogthq. [spam!] [link=http: //ddlziqrhf. [spam!]
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eA5TMQKgf1 [2013-10-02] If your son is 7+, it may be that the first level of CMJ (which was intended for cehdlrin as young as 4) is too slow, and he may find it childish. The pace picks up in Children's Music Journey Volume 2 however, when the students begin to read the grand staff. Note, there is a review of the entire CMJ volume 1 during the first 5 weeks of CMJ Volume 2, so he won't miss vital material. If your son is 8+, you also may want to try him with the Piano Suite software, which is suitable for all ages (typically 8+). The Piano Suite is a little more wide open, the "characters" can be turned off with a single setting, and this independent learner option may be much more to your son's liking. There is also a composer/editor in the Piano Suite software that allows you to put more pieces in the library.
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